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Numero dei dipendenti 201-500 persone
Anni di vendita 10 milioni di dollari - 50 milioni di dollari
Anno di Fondazione 2010
Address1 Parco industriale di Wanantangxi, distretto di Luojiang, Quanzhou, Fujian, Cina
Address2 Sede centrale: No.517, piano 5, edificio LongShang, Tongyuan Street, città di Quanzhou, provincia del Fujian, Cina.
Address4 Distretto di Duc Hoa, provincia di Long An, Vietnam

Company Profile

FUJIAN HECHENG ENTERPRISES LIMITED, has three manufacture bases--one in Quanzhou, China , two in Vietnam. The factory in China, named with QUANZHOU HECHENG BAGS CO.,LTD, and the two in Vietnam, named with VIETNAM HECHENG ENTERPRISE COMPANY LIMITED and JIAJUN LEATHER VIETNAM CO., LTD


We are specialized in manufacturing bags since 2010, as one of the top OEM factory which has BSCI, Adidas certifications, we are proficient in various backpack,laptop bag, school bag,diaper bag, sport bag, outdoor bag,trolley bag etc. at very competitive price.


We provide ODM/OEM service for stable and long-term business cooperation with foreign customers and trades distributors all over the world. With a comprehensive product portfolio, reputable & strong customer base, we aim to consolidate our group to bring us to a leading position in the global market.

Our bag factory in Vietnam could help you to save a lot tax cost,and we are the professional backpack manufacturers in vietnam who can offer a great service.

Why Manufacturers bags in Vietnam?

How to find bag supplier in Vietnam?

Why Choose Vietnam Bag Manufacturing As Backups?

Our Advantages

  • A 8,000 sqm Tangxi factory with brand new, lastest tech-machines and a professional designing team and skillful workers with 20 years experience.

  • Customize your bags with a wide range of products at your every request and guarantee to protect your intellectual property based on practical law.

  • Have passed factory audit by SGS, ISO,BSCI,DISNEY,TARGET, and other Professional testing organization.

  • The production is organized following the Lean Manufacturing guidelines, that allow us to work in compliance with the customers parameters and to respect the delivery terms.

  • International standard quality, low prices and just in time delivery (FOB/CFR/CIF).

  • Our factory is located near XIAMEN port, minimizing the transportation time and cost.

  • Quick response time: Any enquiry from international client will be replied as soon as possible, no later than 12 hours.

  • We focus on bringing a one-stop solution for clients from material samples, designing, production; quality inspection to in time shipment.

Our History

2010: Building a new factory QUANZHOU HECHENG BAGS CO.,LTD in Fujian province, China.

2011: Factory was finished and pass an audit by BSCI and Walmart.

2013: The Second phase of new factory was finished and pass an audit by Disney, ISO and SGS.

2014: Establishment of research and development department.

2015: Confirm the vision, mission and core values of a company.

2019: Establishment of VIETNAM HECHENG ENTERPRISE COMPANY LIMITED, Locating in the Duc Hoa District, Long An Province,Vietnam.

2021: Establishment of JIAJUN LEATHER VIETNAM CO., LTD, Locating in Thai Tho Town, Thai Thuy County, Thai Binh Province, Vietnam.

Our Service

We provide ODM/OEM service for stable and long-term business cooperation with foreign customers and trades distributors all over the world. With a comprehensive product portfolio, reputable & strong customer base, we aim to consolidate our group to bring us to a leading position in the global market.

1. OEM Service


Our OEM service is not just specialize in the production process, but also focus on working with our customers in order to offer technical advice as a result for the manufacturing cost reductions. We believe our success is rate on our customer satisfaction, and drive us to be completed dedication to them.


High-quality standard, tight quality control, efficient manufacturing facilities and capacity are our production phenomenon. With our experienced and professional production team, our product is capable to various processes such as sewing, folding, printing, quality inspecting and so on.

2. ODM Service


We provide ODM service to customers and acquired vast manufacturing know-how for bag products.


Through the ODM service, we are able to offer you complete production support, supply chain management, quality assurance, unit cost improvement and so on.


We have a professional design group which is passionate and creative. For many years efforts, we have many successful cases and best seller bag products all over the world, and we can help our customers to launch market competitive products quickly with minimal risk and cost.

Quality Inspection

We have Whole-Process-Quality-Control System.

Production Quality Control Process.jpg

Business Item

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Our Customers

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Production Machinery

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FUJIAN HECHENG ENTERPRESE  CO.,LTD.                                     未标题-3.jpg


1. Factory in China

①Wanantangxi  industrial  park, Luojiang District,

Quanzhou  City, Fujian  Province

②Head office: No.517,Floor 5, LongShang Building,Tongyuan Street,Quanzhou City,Fujian Province

2.Factory in Vietnam

Go Cong Tay District, Tien Giang Province 

② Duc Hoa District, Long An Province

CALL : 0595-22030317

TELEPHONE : 86 18160980980

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